Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sony NW E505: A User's Review

I have used this Sony's flash-memory based MP3 player, Sony NW E505 for some time & I found it really amazing! SONY has various models available, with varied memory capacity & design. The one which I used is the following one:

SONY Network Walkman E505

This particular model has "Built-In 512MB Flash Memory ", which can store upto "125 songs", which is almost a playback of 50 hrs. This MP3 player has a Organic Electro-luminescence(OEL) 3 line display & has FM tuner. This device supports ATRAC3 plus and MP3 & features Digital Sound Preset & AVLS, which balances volume levels automatically. It uses "Sonic Stage 3.0 Music Management Software" to transfer songs to player, by converting them in to "ATRAC3 plus" format, which is a proprietary format by SONY which has better audio compression technology.

But, the best thing I found in this particular device is "awesome battery life" it has. Just for 3 minutes charge, it longs last for 3 hours! Isn't that really great? With a full charge cycle, it works almost for 50 hours, which is really amazing when you compare it to other market rivals like Apple iPOD which offers a battery life of around 18 hours.

There are many other models available in this segment, with different memory capacity & features at SONY India's website. You can check them at:

I found the price factor an issue when it comes to buying this great device, but if you are really crazy about music & needs it in a compact device like this, it's worth buying this MP3 player. (This one comes around IN Rs. 9490 only from Sony India!). With such an impressive battery life & audio quality, it is "worth" buying.

If you have any experience with this device, please share it with me, by posting your comments here!

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