Monday, August 07, 2006

Have you heard of GPRS?

Almost everybody of us has a mobile phone, most probably a GSM phone & must have heard about "GPRS", used for accessing internet services on a mobile phone capable of GPRS connectivity & also from a notebook computers.

The word "GPRS" stands for "General Packet Radio Service", a packet-based wireless communication service that promises data transfer rates ranging from 56 up to 114 Kbps and continuous connection to the Internet for mobile phone and computer users (dependent on the network availability). Such a higher data transfer rate allows us to use new-age services like video-conferencing & browsing websites & interactive content using equipped mobile handsets & handheld devices. GPRS works over GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) networks & also complements existing services such circuit-switched cellular phone connections and the Short Message Service (SMS).

In India, there are several telecom service operators who offer GPRS services. Below, I have listed some of the major telecom service providers who offer GPRS services in India:

Hutch -
BPL Mobile -
Airtel -
MTNL Mumbai -

Ride yourself on to the world of wireless internet with GPRS!

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