Thursday, October 05, 2006

ERP - An Overview

Managing enterprise resources in a planned way is a herculean task for any company that exists in the current dynamic business scenario. The core objectives of any enterprise resources management system can have different dynamics, depending on the nature of the business.

Those business dynamics gets variant when it comes to different business environments & the problems which it faces at any given point of time. For deploying a viable solution to the business dynamics over a longer period of technical & business changes, an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) application can be very useful if implemented well.

The success of an ERP system not only depends on the technical perspectives of the application, but also on complete understanding of the nature of existing business & relevant problems, underlying in the existing business & technical architecture of the busiess.

To deliver the best solutions a company can, it first needs to go to the roots of the problems they face in the existing business scenario & technical incompetence, if any. After analyzing this, they should rope in capable people who can handle the situations effectively, from understanding those problems, making others aware of the same in a smoother, business language, hiring essential technical expertise to design, deploy & maintain an "effective" enterprise resource planning system across the business.

An ERP system may contain several software & hardware components, depending on the company requisites for which an ERP system is developed. This includes systems like Accounting, Planning & Scheduling, E-procurement, ERP modeling, Information Technology, Management information system (MIS), Supply chain management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Material Resource Planning, Human Resource Management system (HRMS), Software Service.

There are several vendors available who offer customized ERP solutions including SAP, Baan & others.


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